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I don’t know how much hand holding most 1st time buyers need but I felt like I needed a lot. Once she knew the details of what I was looking for I was getting plenty of places that I was interested in. Always gave me her unbiased opinion of the place, what she liked and didn’t. Most importantly I never felt like she was pushing me into something just to make money. Extremely thorough with documents & finding minuscule problems with things, tons of attention to detail. Anytime there was something I scheduled for the house that didn’t require her being there she would STILL show up, before me at times. If you’re reading this, thanks so much.

Harry Sinner

I was selling my house, which was rented out at the time, from 1,000 miles away and Ashley made that possible. She was an invaluable resource of knowledge and understanding. She not only sold my house quickly but was willing to do all the leg work I could not do being so far away. She truly did all of the work from coordinating with our property management company and renter all the way through the closing. She was always extremely professional and I would recommend her to anyone. My one complaint is she is too far away to sell me a house in New England!

Amanda Kinnunen

I have already recommending Ashley to a good friend of mine who is currently looking at houses.

Bambi Roberson

Great realtor that helps the buying process become easy and painless free!


Ashley provided timely and relevant answers to all our inquiries. She was extremely professional throughout the entire process. My wife and I never had any doubt that our first-time home buying experience would be memorable and without hardship. We were not disappointed. Thanks, Ashley. You’re hard work and commitment to our needs is greatly appreciated.

Russ Parham

Ashley made everything simple and easy. I have heard too many horror stories about inattentive or hard to reach realtors but Ashley was polite, friendly, always available to answer questions, and eased all of our home-buying concerns. I 100% recommend her services to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

Jimmy Bullock

When I initially got to the area I worked with Ashley Surrency but never found anything that I was willing to purchase, so I decided to take a break from my search. Once I found the home I wanted to purchase, I knew Ashley would be the one to make it happen! Although it took me about a year to find a home and finally make my purchase, Ashley was right there ready and willing to assist me when I became ready.

Sarah C.

Even thought the underwriter created roadblocks to our end goal of owning the home, Ashley was nothing short of excellent. Ashley fought for better terms, incentives and anything else she was legally allowed to do to help with the tedious process of making such a significant purchase. She was there for us no matter what time, even late at night when we needed answers. Her client care is superior compared to others I’ve dealt with throughout the years. I am glad she was on my side and would highly recommend her as an agent for a future home purchase or sale. She knows the market quite well, which significantly improved our knowledge base on where to purchase a property.

Mat O.

Impressive. 2 out of 2 home buyers would recommend Ashley Surrency to anyone buying or selling a home. Embodies excellence. Reference everything checked as excellent on survey. We have dealt with multiple agents, both in selling our previous home and purchasing a new one; Ashley is simply the best. She didn’t use the used-car salesman approach. We genuinely felt like she was a good friend helping us find a home. If we buy a house again, even if it is in Texas, we plan to only use Ashley.

Michael and Amie Bourgeois

Mrs Surrency had a great rapport with my husband and myself as clients. We lived 600 miles away and Ashley did her homework on what our needs were and with much careful searching came up with homes that met our needs. Ashley ALWAYS made time for us when we were in Augusta. She was always kind and never criticized our sometimes odd questions – since we were from Pennsylvania everything was handled differently than in our state.

We will soon be in our new home and are excited at the prospect. One other point – Ashley was very bright and able to calculate sq. footage, fencing, carpeting, this was greatly appreciated.Ashley did everything for us since we lived so far away. She even alerted us to things we may have missed. The adjectives we would use to describe Ashley Surrency are: honest, kind, hard-working, smart, polite, and respectful.

John and Andrea Cogley

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